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About Our Business

Mr. Pugh received Bachelor of Science Degrees in
Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from
University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990 and a Master’s in
Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in

Mr. Pugh has worked in the field of Electrical Engineering,
Instrumentation and Controls, and Life Safety Systems for
over 1
5 years.  Mr. Pugh’s professional experience covers
diverse industries from mining, refining, petroleum
distribution, semiconductor, and waste water treatment.  
Mr. Pugh is a registered Electrical Engineer in Arizona,
California, Colorado, Texas, Utah
, and Wyoming.

Mr. Pugh participates in the following organizations:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Instrument Society of America (ISA)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
International Technology Roadmap for
Semiconductors (ITRS)
Semiconductor Environmental, Health, and Safety
Association (SESHA)
Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE)
Construction, Research and Education for
Advanced Technology Environments (CREATE)
Arizona Power Quality Association (APQA)
Jeffrey A. Pugh, P.E.
Pugh Engineering LLC
P.O. Box 11762
Chandler, AZ 85248
(480) 586-7730